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A 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit the Philippines in 2013, shaking the little island of Bohol to its core. The orphanage and schools were destroyed, leaving the community devastated, facing economic strife.


Children are often the most vulnerable, receiving much of the impact of these devastating situations.


In 2016, Project Pagasa was formed with a five year plan to rebuild the community and bring

back a little ‘pag-asa’ or hope to the people.

Project Pagasa is a unique not-for-profit initiative aiming to provide the orphans and community of Bohol, a safe and fully sustainable place to live. Education is at the core of the project, with its benefits being intrinsically linked to breaking the barriers of poverty. Every child deserves the right to learn and maximise their potential, and the building of a school and other establishments are an integral part to the project’s success. Project Pagasa exists to stand the test of time  - everything is considered with long-term perspective, which will ultimately uplift the community and create indefinite change.

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