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bit of this
(From someone who isn't me)

Thomas is a gun. 

A high powered one, that gets shit done, fast, but with class.

He's reliable, never loses his shit and takes changes on the chin. 

His head is full of design, cool tech, social ideas, film, music and art. 

So he's worldly and clever. 

He makes people laugh and he makes an agency more fun. 

And if they're not enough reasons to hire him,

He's also got a great beard.


Emma Robbins | ECD M&C Saatchi Melbourne
bit of that
  • Bachelor of Business (Advertising) @ RMIT Melbourne CBD

  • Award School (2018)

  • Qualified Diploma & Advanced Diploma in Graphic Art

  • Diploma Packaging design

current work

Creative Director | Rollie Nation

past work

Creative Director | HungryHungry

Creative Director | Solbari

Art Director | M&C Saatchi Melbourne

Art Director | The Shannon Company

Brand Designer | 38 Degrees

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